Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Network+ vs CCENT

Monday, April 21, 2014

Punch The Clock

Sunday April 20th

Easter Sunday. Day taken up with driving, family, feasting and fun. And the best damned green beans I ever had. (I think they were actually haricot verts.)

Monday April 21st

I got one part of the "Program Minimum/Simple and Sinister" wrong - it's 100 swings total, whether it's one arm or two arms. OK, that's pretty reasonable.

Sets of 5-6 push-ups and prying BW squats throughout the day at work.

25 minutes barefoot walking on the Field Club trail on the way home. 25 minutes is a big jump from 20, but I maintained a gentle saunter, and it was a very "tame" course. And it was such a beautiful day!

After dinner:

3 rounds of the "official" S&S warmup:

Prying Goblet Squats
Hip Bridges

10 sets of 10 two arm swings with a 25 lb kettlebell (what I had at home)

4 Reverse TGUs with same - missed on the 5 reps, so I stopped.

QL Stretch, 90/90 stretch and Seated Twists to keep the QL and the Glutes happy.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Punch The Clock

Friday April 18:

Flexible 15 warmup and mobility

Simple and Sinister:

8x10  (10L + 10 R = 1 set) one arm swings
10 Reverse TGUs  (Left alternating with right)

Went home feeling like several million bucks.

Saturday April 19th

Barefoot walk around the neighborhood: 20 minutes
Light Indian Club work to loosen the upper body: 15 minutes
Jumpstretch band stuff for upper and lower body: 20 minute

Finish with QL stretch and 90/90 floor stretch (basically Shin boxes)

Still need a little extra attention to the glute muscles behind the knob of the left hip bone - they are still talking to me the day after doing swings. Not as badly as before, but still.

The actual book version of "Simple And Sinister" arrived from Amazon today. Will dig in and see what I got wrong.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Not Quite So Simple Or Sinister

Thursday April 17:

Didn't have time to get to the gym tonight (I was cooking dinner and boy was it good), did what I could at home.

- 15 minute barefoot walk around the neighborhood
- 15 minutes of light Indian Club work to loosen up the upper body
- 15 minutes Jumpstretch Resistance band routine on the floor
- 5x20 sets of two arm Clubbell swings with a pair of 5 lb clubbells
- 8 Reverse TGUs (4 L and 4 R) with a light clubbell instead of a kettlebell.

 It could be that eventually I will drop 1 arm swings for 2 arm swings, and just start swinging dumbbells instead of Kettlebells. Two arm versions are much easier on the left S/I and glute.

But we will see.

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Simple and Sinister

Tuesday April 16,2014

Joe Franco's "Agile 11"along with a few extras I seem to need - call it the "Flexible 15". This almost always takes 20-25 minutes, but it covers all the bases, and when I finish I am always ready to eat nails and spit tacks...so it's probably a good investment, and a good way to remain supple as the months and years go by.

4x7 off-set pushups (to keep my wife company)

Super Sets - 4 times through these three

One_legged calf raises 6 reps L&R
Dips 4 reps
Bent knee Leg Raises (from the dip apparatus x5

Simple and Sinister (20lb kettle bell):
7x10 One Arm Swings (10 left and 10 right is one set)
9 Reverse TGUs  (4 L and 5 Right, alternating)

Left gluteus minimus was smarting a little, so addressed with Seated Twists, Bridges,and Shin Boxes.

Fun note: While I was doing the kbell stuff on the club floor, my friend Eric (who works as a trainer for them in what he laughingly calls his spare time) appeared with a medicine ball and out-machismo-ed  me(is that a word?) with a series of burpees alternating with medicine ball slams.
(Not that's what he was after - it was his "finisher" to his own workout.)

I didn't mind - it's always fun to watch the big boys play.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Secret to a Good Exercise Program

This guy is a hoot to read, and I like the way he thinks! 
The Secret To A Good Exercise Program
The Secret to a Good Exercise Program
I buy most of my shirts from Woot.com, and most recently acquired this one: It brings me a joy that defies all description. And come to think, Christine wasn't going to let me have it! Indeed, she tries to foil numerous of my crusades to acquire new and exciting treasures for the house. Recently amongst them, my plaster Roman pillar from the craft store ("But you don't...
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